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M.R. Sundaram
I am M. R. Sundaram and my wife S. Kalyani. We came to Aarogya Kudumbam from Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) on 16th August 2013. We returned to Tamil Nadu after a lapse of 51 years.

I retired from the services of LIC as Executive Director in Bahrain, Middle East, after working in different parts of India other than South. My wife has been with me all through my career during thick and thin.

We have two daughters. The elder, Dr. Swarna Devarajan M D, Paediatrician and Neonatalogist is in New York with her family. The younger one, Dr. Shanthy, is a professor of Biotechnology at Allahabad University and is well settled at Allahabad.

We decided to take a break from life in North India and settle down in Tamil Nadu. We did not visit Tamil Nadu to decide about the place where we would settle down. Instead We searched internet. COIMBATORE appealed to us. There again Aarogya Kudumbam suited us in particular. We requested our Bahrain friends who have settled down in COIMBATORE to physically visit the place and give their feedback. Their opinion was positive and We decided to come to Aarogya Kudumbam.

We were impressed on arrival about the landscape - the spacious cottages, the big rooms, the salubrious climate, the quiet ambience - the surrounding mountains, the beautiful gardens, the paved walkway , the sound of chirping birds, the peacocks etc. The rooms were well furnished to take care of basic needs. Continuous water supply, purified drinking water arrangement and good food took care of all other needs. As for medical support, We have seen during the last four months of our stay here that adequate arrangement is done to provide good medical care as the Managing Trustee is himself from the field of medicine and commands good support from others in the medical fraternity.

Mr. Ramakrishnan
Myself and my wife Subhalakshmi are living in Aarogya kudumbam for more than one year..The home is situated in natural area surrounded by hills on three sides.our cottage is spacious and we get lot of sunlight and air.

The air and atmosphere is free from pollutuion of any kind and condusive to health. We regularly enjoyour walk in the walking track, frequent darshan in the Ganesha temple in the home. We also enjoy the beautiful garden in the home visited by lots of birds and butterflies. We find the entire atmosphere clean and healthy to good living.Co-residents are very nice and supportive to each other..

Dr.raju is easily accessible always and gives any type of help whenever needed.Doctor also visits the home regularly and takes care of health]medical assistance we need. Occassionally we also play carroms chess in the common hall and also enjoy playing golf in the mini golf area. As a whole the home provides excellent energy and support to our body and mind.

Mrs. Santhakumary
We are from a village in Trichur, Kerala. After retirement, we had been living a lonely and insecure life for a long time .We felt that it would be better to live at a senior citizen’s home where we shall have security, company of persons of our age group and we shall get help whenever required . We began to search for a suitable place which has adequate facilities and which we can afford.

On our first visit, as soon as we entered the gates of Aarogyakudumbam we were hypnotized by the sheer beauty of the place. The backdrop of mountains, beautiful gardens, pollution free enviirement,fresh air and surrounded by lush green forests!!! A heavenly touch everywhere. On next day, early morning wake up was also very pleasant, birds singing, fresh, cool and misty air, it’s so refreshing and then a hot cup of coffee. It was indeed an exotic experience. All at a quite affordable cost too. Naturally we realized that by God’s grace, our search was over. As soon as possible we came here to settle down.

After coming here we got to know Dr. Raju well. Quite unpretentious. We have never seen a kinder person. When we first came here we had an apprehension that we had no relatives or friends here; but he removed it by saying,”ippo njan irukken”,with his characteristic big smile. True to his words, he made all arrangements for our settling down here .For us it was like as if our own son were here .The inverter, cable TV, internet connection …he got everything done for us. We couldn’t trust our eyes when we saw him fixing the mosquito –net on our bathroom window himself! Afterwards we noticed as to how lovingly he takes care of the residents when any of them falls ill. Whenever a resident feels his requirement, he will be there. Now we do not feel that we have nobody to take care of us. For us he is a son and father rolled into one. He has the knack of making every resident feel that he/she is very special to him. We feel that he is nearer to god than any swamiji, as he is doing deeds which God likes. We always pray to God to keep him in good health and happiness.

For the residents of Aarogyakudumbam life is like an extended vacation. With a pretty little cottage at the foot of the hills, beautiful gardens, lots of fresh air and good food, hassle free life, salubrious climate and the kind doctor as a guardian. Now for us,” life after retirement cannot be better”.

Mr. M.Venkatraman
I was a Marketing Executive with Amrutanjan for about 25 years and later Marketing Manager for Sharp Electronics in Doha (Gulf). I am now 70 and I returned to India in 1996. I have a son and two daughters. My son is NRI working in Doha. He is the eldest, but still a bachelor.

I lost my wife suddenly in October, 2008 and it became inevitable for me to move to a Senior Citizen Home as my children did not want me to stay alone in Madras and that too I had a major cancer operation a few years ago.

As I had no particular place of preference, my son found about Aarogya Kudumbam(AK) through internet search and brought me to AK in Coimbatore in October, 2008.

In my opinion I grade this place as "AAA".

"A" - Affordable terms and conditions.
"A" - Ambience-Excellent, surrounded by hills and a fine weather, whether it shines or rains. Mountain Breeze
         blowing clean air all throughout the year.
"A" - Accommodation - Comfortable, furnished, spacious, single/double/cottage types located in sprawling
         complex with minigolf, library, other games facilities and temple and not far off from Coimbatore.

This place is neither crowded nor isolated.

My children are so concerned about me; they feel happier to see me happy, though we miss each other, which cannot be helped.

I have no intention of looking for a better place than "AK", Coimbatore.

Mrs. Leela Jayson
Anyone visiting the Aarogyakudumbam,a Retirement Home for Senior Citizens will fall in love with it at first sight.So did I...Yes,the beautiful ambience and the picturesque backdrop of the Western Ghats on all the three sides,along with a cool and pleasant weather throughout is the main attraction of this Home.I have been enjoying my stay here for more than a year now.

We--my husband and myself--retired in Navi Mumbai where we worked and spent a quarter of a century,the best part of our life and career.Since then the concept of living in a Sr.citizens' Home was mooted in our minds..So we were planning to stay in such a Home where Sr.citizens live their life with dignity and freedom after retirement specially those whose children are abroad....But destiny had a different plan for me.After the sudden demise of my husband in May 2012,when I was staying with my daughter in the US,I happened to see through the Net about Aarogyakudumbam.Without even visiting the Home once,I decided this is the place where I should be.So,I booked a cottage as my nephew who is settled in Coimbatore told me this is an excellent place for Sr.citizens to live in.

After landing here,within two days,my daughter and son- in- law arranged and organized things for me and saw me almost settled in my spacious well furnished cottage,before they returned to the US.My cottage is a corner one where I get nice,cool breeze in the mornings and evenings,from where I can behold the scenic beauty of the mountains and the greenery around and occasionally the sunset and even a rainbow.Often I can see peacocks and peahens visiting our garden or rather encroaching into our territory.I also enjoy my freedom,my own space,privacy and peace and do things leisurely.Evening time keeps me busy,fully engaged after tea-- going for a Japa session in one of the residents' cottage,followed by some walking,visiting Ganapathi temple in our complex.Then play most of the days Scrabble with my friends.All the residents are co- operative and help each other in an emergency.No time for loneliness or boredom.What else do you need at the fag end of your life?

In old age,one needs three most important things--1)Security 2) Food 3) Medical facilities. All these are well taken care of.Our guardian angel takes particular care of all the residents specially when anyone falls sick.This is my personal experience.Himself a medical doctor and surgeon,he rises to the occasion providing medical treatment and if necessary arranging for appointments with specialist doctors and hospitalization in good hospitals in the city.He is thus an embodiment of the 3 Cs-- Care,Concern and Compassion.A person who is unassuming,has no airs,down to earth and above all a great human being.Not only does he give selfless service to the residents but also to the Society at large through his PARIVU( which means compassion in Tamil),a Society for the Sr.Citizens in Coimbatore.He is none other than our Dr.PC.Raju,the Managing Trustee of Aarogyakudumbam.I wish him good luck and good health to take care of the health of all the residents of Aarogyakudumbam,and in all his future ventures!

Jaya, Mumbai
The sensible decision I took after I retired from active service was to move into the Aarogya Kudumbam. I chose to do it because I wanted to have an independent lifestyle. I had never lived on my own in my life, and that too in an unfamiliar town among total strangers; yet I was not worried about the move.

Now after I have moved I feel how lucky I am to be able to live like this.

Even at first sight I knew this is where I want to live. I was impressed by its quality standard. I visited the place couple of times.. Each time I made a mental note of where I would put my things and what I need to bring with me. Accordingly I disposed of various things I have accumulated over the years. In the next few months I systematically gave away things ? books, clothes, TV, fridge, furniture, kitchen gadgets and pots and pans - to appropriate people and organisations. It was the most satisfying thing I did in a long time.

Now in my little cottage I cherish everything I have. I have only the things I need - a picture on the wall, a wall-clock and few books in my book-shelf that I would enjoy re-reading anytime, a torch in my bedside drawer and my laptop on the table in my bedroom. This place is entirely my own to live the way I want.

The good thing is I don?t have to do any domestic chores - no cooking, no worry about housework, maintaining the garden or fixing a leak in the faucet.

Yet I am never bored. I have the freedom and luxury to lead a very leisurely lifestyle. I have plenty of time for myself to simply enjoy doing the things that interests me or I feel inclined to do at any given time - read, browse the net, sleep, listen to music etc. I watch TV or read the news paper in the community hall. The serene ambience of the place is ideally suited to meditate, exercise or go for a stroll in the country side enjoying nature.

I have made friends and enjoy interacting with people with whom initially I thought I have nothing in common. Now after getting to know them I realise there is so much I could learn from each one of them. It is so nice to know that I will always have someone to talk to, someone who notices when I am away, and someone who will help when I need. Living in the Home has really widened my knowledge about the world and people. My fellow residents have become my friends with whom I share my thoughts and feelings, visit places, or do my shopping even taking a bus into town. I happily play a game of carom or chess for the fun and laughter, even though I am not very good at it.

Here I enjoy a level of peace and quiet that cannot be found anywhere else in the community. Being able to go for my morning walk at 5.30 a.m. or sit in the lawn after dinner and enjoy chit chatting with my friends under the moon light is a real luxury. Living here I feel safe and well taken care of. There is a sense of comfort when I leave on a trip knowing that my friends are watching my place.

The age of people living here ranges from 60 to 85. I am being kind of in the middle of that range makes it easy for me to interact with all of them. Here I feel I am somebody special and totally accepted by others. This has greatly improved my self-confidence.

After retirement Aarogya Kudumbam is the best place to live.

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